CMI appreciates and encourages all our customers to provide feedback on their experiences with us. Below are some of the comments about CMI from BBB, Google, and SolarReviews.com

“This company values professionalism & communication better than any company I have worked with before. The office staff were always there to help and responded to emails within minutes typically. The installers were equally great. They did an amazing job with the install both functionally and aesthetically. I highly recommend this company for any electrical need.

John Allen from Townsend, DE

“We used CMI out of Newark, DE. They did three installations for us, one in Oxford, another in West Grove and the third in Ocean View, DE. They are very professional and do excellent work. We originally used Green Spring Energy out of MD to do the installation in West Grove, but the quality of work was terrible. Two years later, we hired CMI (recommended by my brother as he had used them) to redo the entire re-do installation and double the size. All of our systems are just below 8Kw.

Jim S. from Elkview

Review from Nextdoor


CMI Solar & Electric installed a quality system in less than a week. The entire team provided polite, informative, outstanding service. The customer is provided specific site analysis, product description, quality components, and efficient installation. All you have to do is ask. They deliver.

David Bleakney from Wilmington, DE

Review from SEU Energize DE

“Mr Davis, We would like to thank you for all that CMI has done for us. The two electricians, Andrew Faulkner and John Allen were fantastic. In my 60 years-I am 82- I have never dealt with 2 professionals who took such pride in doing their work perfectly even if it meant working long hours under unbelievable conditions, there weren’t any lights or air conditioning and it was the hottest week of the summer. They actually used flashlights to continue working. They were truly concerned with getting us up and running as soon as possible. They even charged my wife’s cell phone so she had contact with the world and Andrew ran a system of extension cords to keep our refrigerators and garage door working.

I never saw them take a break and I understand they missed some family events to keep working. This was also true of the young man who was here the first day. I am sorry, but I can not remember his name. (CMI Add-in: The gentleman out on that first day was Ed) They never complained.

Mr. Davis you can be proud of your CMI workforce. It never would have worked out in such a short time without your input. In closing thank you for the generous discount. It was a wonderful gift we never expected.

Hank and Bev Andrion from Rehoboth Beach, DE

 Everyone was extremely helpful & very friendly. Lauren was very helpful & patient with all of my changes & questions. She even set up all of my accounts on this computer since I am not very good at that. I could not be happier. Thank you to all of you.”

Jim K. in Bear, DE

 Dear Mr. Davis,

“Amazing” is the word that comes to mind to describe your generosity and commitment to offer solar energy to the village of Jalonga in the Dominican Republic. Thank you very much for collaborating with Christ Church to bring the Jalonga Solar Power Project to successful completion this past June.

As a member of a complex team that spanned miles and cultures, your leadership was essential. As you may already know, upon arrival in Jalonga the CMI team, Andrew Faulkner, Marco Almeida, and John Allen, were confronted with unexpected challenges, but thanks to their expertise, ability to adjust to circumstances, and tireless efforts on a very hot roof, the solar modules were mounted, the battery unit and storage trailer were installed, and electrical connections, including to a water well, were made. The Jalonga Community Center no has the capacity to receive 22,000 – 25,000 kilowatts of reliable, renewable electricity. This is truly amazing work!

They say it takes a village. Please know that we consider ourselves to be very blessed to count you and the members of the CMI Solar & Electric family as part of our village. On behalf of everyone at Christ Church Christiana Hundred, please accept our heartfelt gratitude for your partnership and generous gifts of time, talent, and treasure.

Blessings & peace,

Ruth L. Beresford



Andrew just left and the rest of the crew (Bryan, Zach and Marco) left about 20 minutes ago. They stayed late to get the job completed so they could move on to another one tomorrow. I wanted to tell you how impressed I was with their performance over the last two days. They were exceptionally efficient, thoughtful, courteous, and just all around pleasant to work with. They cleaned up the garage better than I do. And after they had to cut an access hole into the ceiling of the garage, they crafted a framed out access panel that looks as good as the one the builders made for the attic. We are so pleased with CMI and we will tell anyone who asks about solar panels that CMI is the only one to deal with.”

Tom York from Milton, DE

  A very impressive experience. Professional & when issues arose – dealt with promptly and in a fair manner. We are very happy we chose CMI for the project.”

Hazel Farm HOA in Dover, DE

Dear Mr. Davis,

On behalf od the Christmas Tree Committee and the entire Claymont Lions Club I wish to thank you for your generous supprt of our fundraising efforts. Your providing us the use of your bucket truck and personnel to install our overhead electrical feed was greatly appreciated. As always your knowledgeable staff made the job easy.

Sincerely, Claymont Lions Club”

 The installation experience was OUTSTANDING, the guys were great in every way. I am left with nothing but positive thoughts of CMI and very proud of the system quality and the excellent installation.”

CMI Customer from West Grove, PA

 Everyone has been great. I love it when I have a dream and I find a company who can make it come true. Thank you for everything!”

CMI Customer from Wilmington, DE

 My wife and I are enjoying our new kitchen every day thanks to CMI’s work. The LED in-cabinet and under-cabinet lighting make it beautiful and practical. Everybody from Dan, drawing up the proposal, to Andrew, Bobby, and the guys installing everything did a fantastic job.”

Sean K. from Newark, DE

  I want to say you have some very fine people working for your company. They were able to get all the panels installed and they look great. I believe I chose the best people and company for my solar panel system.”

CMI Customer from Allentown, PA

  CMI was very keen on detail compared to other solar installations I have seen. Very professional personnel and installation. Great Job!!”

Roman G. from Newark, DE