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What are the Environmental Benefits? | CMI

CMI Contributes Positively to the Environmentgreen-energy-253x300

  • Total Photovoltaic (PV) Systems Installed by CMI produces over 3,202,444 kWh or 3.2MW of energy each year.
  • In Delaware this prevents the generation of 7.9 million pounds of carbon dioxide per year.
  • This is equivalent to emissions from driving 8,874,000 miles of a standard passenger car or removing 740 cars from the road each year.


Solar Energy Is Emissions and Pollution Free

A single household that switches to 100% renewable electricity is reducing pollution by an amount equivalent to not driving 20,000 miles each year! Unlike burning coal, oil or wood, solar power is clean. There are no residual accumulating pollutants after a day’s worth of energy generation.


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Whether you are very eco-friendly or just want to do your part, you’ll be glad to know that by installing a solar energy system on your property, you will lessen the detrimental impact you have on our environment.

By choosing solar power, you are protecting our future. The generation of electricity is the number one source of industrial air pollution in the nation. It produces about 66% of annual sulfur dioxide emissions, which are a major contributor to acid rain, and to illnesses and deaths caused by air pollution. In addition, 30% of nitrogen oxides (a main component of smog) and 33% of carbon dioxide emissions come from electricity generation. Carbon dioxide is the leading cause of global warming.


Provide Clean Energy for the Next Generation

By using renewable energy, you immediately improve the environment for you, your children and future generations.

The equipment you install comes with a long-term warranty; most panel manufacturers warranty their products for 25 years. There are installations from 30 years ago that are still producing clean energy today.


Utilizes Free Fuel

Using sunshine, a resource that is free and ever abundant, helps eliminate the use of fossil fuels.


Be a Part of Your Community’s Solar Future

By conserving and installing solar power, you are now providing an example for your community to follow. This is a great way to teach the next generation about the benefits of the sun’s energy and amazing power. Solar power technology is simple, elegant and always improving.

Some Financial Benefits of Solar Power


Stabilizes energy cost over time

A solar system installed by CMI will immediately reduce, and may even eliminate, your utility bill and it will protect your budget from future increases.

You’ll even see your electric meter spinning backwards!

Solar power is a good investment with returns as high as 20%. There are excellent solar incentive programs available that will pay for up to 30% to 40% of the cost of your solar energy system. OFinancial-Benefitsur solar customers receive checks each quarter as payment for the Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) their systems create.

Adds value to your home

Installing solar is like buying your home instead of renting. Why only rent your electricity and pay the utility over and over again, when you can own and create your own energy?

Reduces your annual electric bill

What a great bonus!