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On-Line Monitoring | CMI

Benefits of Implementing Online Monitoring


Online monitoring allows you to see your solar energy production from any Web browser anywhere in the world. Some monitoring gives the option to show home usage and the net difference.
Be assured your system is still producing power while you are away from your home or business.
Get detailed data about your system whenever you log on.

Create a Site for Friends or Customers
Create a public site for family or customers to view your contribution to the environment. Personalize your monitoring page by uploading your solar project photos. Create several Web pages with visualizations of plant data in diagrams and tables.

Automated Communication with Inverter Manufacturer
In the rare case anything goes wrong, the manufacturer will be able to alert CMI and you if your inverter is off-line based on alert criteria you have set. Receive system information via e-mail (e.g. yield, max. output, CO2 reduction, system messages) and schedule automated transfer data at chosen intervals.

Most inverter manufacturers offer their own online monitoring. Below are example diagrams of micro-inverters and central inverter monitoring.

CMI includes inverter-based online monitoring with every solar installation.

Micro Inverter


SMA’s Central Inverter Monitoring


Commercial Facilities may opt to upgrade to a more comprehensive monitoring system, such as DECK or Draker, that offers inverter-based monitoring, but also offers weather station options, rain gauges, consumption information and stand alone kiosks or touch-screen displays.

eMonitor provides Circuit Level Monitoring for Residential & Commercial Facilities

The eMonitor TM uniquely monitors at the circuit breaker level, integrating energy efficiency with renewable energy, and delivering the level of granularity and actionable intelligence required for effective energy management, cost savings and home and business safety.

This monitoring system is great for customers who may not benefit from a solar installation or wish to understand their electric usage in more detail. For example, wouldn’t you like to know how much electricity that old fridge in the garage is using or how about knowing how much energy your teenager’s room is using with their laptop, play station and/or flat screen TV?

Learn More about Residential eMonitoring.

eMonitor TM is ideal for small commercial facilities like convenience stores or gas stations that may have large appliances and if these go off-line or a refridgerator or freezer door is left open, the store can lose a lot of money in customer service and in product.

eMonitor TM can alert the mobile devices of store managers if something goes wrong. Plus, managers can choose which appliances or other circuits that wish to have monitored and alerts sent to their email or mobile device.

Learn More about Commercial eMonitoring.