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Solar Problem Solvers | CMI

Solar Problem Solvers

Well designed solar systems installed by experienced solar electricians, provide decades of trouble free service. However, we know that there are solar owners that are less than satisfied with the service they have received from their installer.

  • Contractor won’t return your call?
  • Can’t get your contractor to complete your solar installation?
  • Equipment not working properly?
  • Solar production not meeting expectations?


CMI Solar & Electric can make it right.

We have installed over 425 solar systems. Our crews are career electricians (or a registered apprentice working under the watchful eye of our electricians), with extensive solar training and experience. Our in house designers and engineers can quickly evaluate your existing system and determine if it is properly designed and installed. If not, we can make cost effective modifications to ensure your solar system is working the way it should.


We keep working after we leave your home.

  • We’ll monitor your system remotely to make sure it is producing as expected
  • We’ll respond to any developing problems early on to avoid unnecessary expense
  • We can provide annual system checkup
  • We can also clean dirty panels, for better power production
  • And we can be sure you get paid for your Solar Renewable Energy Credits

Don’t let a bad experience sour you on the power of the sun, contact CMI Solar Electric today.

We do solar right!