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Maintenence Services | CMI

CMI Maintenance Services

Solar Power has no moving parts to break down.solar-maintenance-2a  Minimal periodic maintenance will keep your system producing the maximum amount of power for the life of the system.

String Testing assures the solar panels and wiring are performing to specifications.

On-Line Monitoring provides us with inverter and array monitoring on fittings and connectors, and informs us of any developing issues.  You can monitor solar energy production, yield and CO2 reduction data. For more information, see our On-Line Monitoring page.

Annual Inspections are always a good idea. Call our office at 302-731-5556 for information and pricing on your solar array.

CMI Workmanship Warranty

  • Residential projects we offer a warranty of 10 years on the installation
  • Commercial warranties are based on bid specifications
  • Extended warranty of an additional five years is available

Solar Product Warranty

  • 25 years from most module manufacturers
  • Inverter warranty is 10 to 25 Years, depending upon manufacturer
  • Extended warranties are available from some manufacturers

Solar Panel Cleaning by Solar Maid (A Division of CMI Solar Electric)

Solar panels get dirty, which affects the power output. Most arrays stay reasonably dirt free as they are tilted steeply. The rain helps, too. But if an array is at a shallow angle (below 20 degrees), or is located near a dusty road, pollen-producing trees or a refinery, it can build up enough dirt to degrade production.

Hosing your panels down in the morning can help remove the loose dirt, especially if it hasn’t rained in a while. But for bird droppings, tough city grime, sticky pollen and refinery nastiness, nothing beats a good scrubbing with soap. You can’t use any old soap though; most soap, such as what you use to wash your car or dishes, leaves behind agents to make surfaces look shinier. The problem is shiny reflects light, just the opposite of what you want on your solar panels!

CMI has partnered with Solar Maid to provide effective cleaning materials and methods that are safe for the environment, and won’t leave a light-blocking film on your panels. Just call us at 302-731-5556 to schedule an appointment when we’ll be in your area. You don’t even need to be home.

Solar Panel Clean for Rooftop ArraysCMI-Solar-Cleaning

  • Remove the spring grime with our solar panel cleaning products
  • Check system for any problems (No string testing or inverter maintenance included)

Solar Panel Clean for Ground Mounts

  • Set the tilt at 20 degrees for the summer or 40 degrees for the winter, if adjustable.
  • Lubricate the pivot points and quick pins.
  • Remove grime with Solar Maid solar panel cleaning products.
  • Service inverter air filters.
  • Check system for any problems.

Cost is $180 for arrays up to 10 kW (within 40 miles), $10 for each additional kW.