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Why Use Back-Up and Emergency Generators? | CMI

Why Use Back-Up and Emergency Generators?

We are all using more power each year, but the pace of new power plant construction has slowed significantly. Cutbacks in utility line crews have slowed the speed of recovery during outages, especially for regional weather events. This is causing an increase in the frequency and duration of power outages.

Locally, many of our power lines are above ground, where they are vulnerable to falling trees and vehicle collisions. Even underground lines aren’t safe from construction. When the power goes out, it is more than an inconvenience. Sump pumps no longer work, the heater stops, fire and security systems no longer protect your home. But you don’t have to sit in the dark hoping the power will return if you have your own generator.

There are two basic choices for emergency generators: either portable or permanently installed. Let us help you choose the right generator.

Advantages of Automatic Standby Generators

  • With an automatic standby generator properly installed outside, your home is protected from deadly carbon monoxide poisoning from the generator; there is a much greater risk of carbon monoxide poisoning with portable generators.
  • An automatic standby generator running on your home natural gas or LP fuel supply is less expensive to run than gasoline models and does not need to be manually refilled.
  • Automatic generators start within seconds of a power outage and eliminate the need to haul a portable generator outside, or run extension cords throughout your home.
  • Automatic generators provide 24/7 protection, whether you are home or away. And they turn themselves off when utility power returns, so there is no need to monitor the unit during an outage.
  • Durable steel or aluminum enclosure with sound-absorbing panels will protect the generator from weather damage and also reduce noise.