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Why choose CMI for Your Generator Installation? | CMI

Choosing a high-quality, reliable, generator system is important for protecting your home and your family. However, choosing the right installation contractor is probably the single most important consideration in the purchasing process. A poorly installed system by an inexperienced contractor can cost you time and money, and can create safety concerns for your home and family.

At CMI Solar & Electric we pay attention to the details. Our installation philosophy is that your generator system not only needs to perform correctly, but the installation must be safe, thorough and as aesthetically pleasing as possible when complete. This requires a little extra time and effort to accomplish, but in the end provides a system that will perform safely, efficiently and have your neighbors wishing they had hired CMI instead of the contractor they hired.

When it comes to purchasing a home generator system, carefully evaluate your installation contractor options. The lowest price doesn’t always tell the whole story. This is a significant investment in your home and future quality of living, so careful selection of your installer is crucial to the success of this decision.