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Choosing the Right Generator | CMI

Choosing the Right Generator

Choosing a home or business back-up generator can be a complicated decision. CMI can help make your decision easy.

Things to think about before an estimator comes to your home:

  • What appliances, lights or equipment do you consider absolutely essential and would need to be operated in an emergency?
  • What items on your list do you normally run at the same time? For example, people usually run their air conditioner and refrigerator at the same time.
  • Is an air conditioner on your list? Air conditioners are often the largest electrical load and usually determine the size of generator you need.

Household Circuits

Most common household items require one or two circuits to run. For example, an air conditioner typically needs two circuits, while a sump pump or furnace requires one circuit. Determining how many items you wish to run at the same time will help determine how many circuits your generator will need to support. Or you can choose a whole house option that allows you to run anything in your home, just as if there weren’t any outage.

Fuel Source

Air-cooled and liquid-cooled home generators run on natural gas or liquid propane gas. Your generator will keep running as long as its fuel supply remains uninterrupted.


All home standby generators run briefly each week for maintenance and testing purposes. Many Guardian generators now have a “Whisper Test” feature that is about 50% quieter than other generators. And the QuietSource line of generators create amazingly low noise.

A Generator for Every Need

No matter what your requirements, we can install a home standby generator that will fit your needs.

  • We suggest a 7kW to cover just the basic critical need appliances.
  • We suggest a 12kW to 20kW to use your air conditioner or power your whole house.
  • We suggest a higher wattage liquid-cooled model to power a large home and all appliances.
  • We suggest a 11kW to 40kW, if you want the quietest generator available, or need an aluminum enclosure for a coastal application. The QuietSource line offers aluminum housings for extreme corrosion resistance and the industry’s quietest performance.
  • We suggest a 30kW to 40kW, if you are a small business owner who can’t afford to lose power. These generators offer three-phase power to keep your business running smoothly.

Brands We Service and Install

  • Generac/Guardian
  • General Electric
  • Briggs & Stratton