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Backup Power Generator Maintenance & Repairs | CMI

Backup Power Generator Maintenance & Repairs

Once you have invested in a home standby generator system, you will want to make sure that it is in optimal running condition when you need it. CMI has preventative maintenance programs designed to do just that. By having CMI perform regular preventive maintenance on your system, you will minimize the risk of a no-start condition when the power goes out.

Preventative maintenance visits can also ensure that you have a smooth running system that will last the duration of your outage and provide the performance that your home will require. Preventative maintenance visits make sure that you are able to use the full capacity of the generator system for many years.

CMI offers annual and semi-annual preventative maintenance programs that are geared specifically for home standby generator systems. While the semi-annual preventative maintenance program is highly recommended (especially in the first year of operation), an annual program is available as a cost-savings option.

During an annual or semi-annual preventative maintenance visit, the following procedures are performed:

  • Complete inspection of generator and automatic transfer switch.
  • Battery is inspected, and terminals are cleaned, tightened and conditioned.
  • All electrical connections are checked and tightened.
  • Ignition system is tested.
  • Oil is checked and filled to specified level (mid-year, semi-annual program).
  • Oil, oil filter and spark plug(s) are replaced (annually).
  • Air-cleaner is inspected and pre-filter is cleaned.
  • Fuel supply is inspected and tested for proper performance.
  • Generator is started, and output voltage and frequency are measured. Adjustments are made if needed.
  • A simulated power outage is initiated and the full cycle of operation is performed.
  • Generator enclosure is cleaned inside and out to ensure proper air flow to the engine.
  • Inspection report is completed and a copy is provided for your records.