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How can it be fixed? | CMI

How Can the Problem Be Fixed?

Since it may be impractical or cost prohibitive to rewire most homes, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, through research, laboratory tests and demonstration projects, has identified only one method for repairing aluminum wiring that meets the following criteria:

  1. Must repair every connection to, or splice between, aluminum wire in the home.
  2. The repaired connections must be permanent, but must result in a system that can be maintained without the need for special switches, outlets or connectors.
  3. The repair technique must be practical for use in an occupied and furnished home.

The only repair method that meets these criteria is the Amp Copalum System. This repair consists of attaching a piece of copper wire to the existing aluminum wire with a specially designed metal sleeve, which is crimped to 10,000 psi using a powered crimping tool. The sleeve and tool are matched and are only available through Amp Copalum System certified electricians, who are thoroughly trained by the manufacturer in the proper use of this tool.

Are There Other Solutions?
There are other repair methods often recommended by electricians who don’t have access to the Amp Copalum System. While these methods may be less expensive than the Amp Copalum process, these repairs are not considered acceptable by the Consumer Product Safety Commission for solving the problem of overheating aluminum wiring circuits. It is possible that some pig-tailing “repairs” made with twist-on or push-on connectors may be even more prone to failure than the original aluminum wire connections.